Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pats fan turned the movie off too soon

Foxsports has printed an article by a Patriots fan who embraces the vile thing his team has become. He says that it's great being the evil Empire. His piece ends by saying

"Embrace the hate. We're Darth Vader. And they're living on Alderaan."

An apt analogy I'm sure. May I just point out that in a delicious case of life imitating art, the Empire went down in flames, twice imploding under it's own soulless technological weight. Sure, they had their 17-0 run of Striking Back at the NFL, but that was happily bracketed by losses to the Manning boys which sort of renders the middle stretch dramatically resonant, but ultimately meaningless to the final tally. I doubt that any Imperial officers were drowning their sorrows after the battle of Endor saying, "Yeah, well we kicked their asses on Hoth!". Nice try buddy, but being the Empire is only great when you win.

Ask the Yankees how they like it now.


Bob M. said...

Well said! (except for that Yankee-hating bit. Hey, most NYY fans would prefer to have a lower payroll, a sane owner, and a thriving farm system that feeds the team rather than one used to sell-off young talent so the team can acquire high-priced geezers. And in reality, long-time fans can take the past 8 years of being not-quite-good-enough in stride. There'll be another period in which they rack up a few more WS titles in a 4-6 year span, in ten years or so. Happens every couple decades. I don't know any group who makes more fun of Steinbrenner than Yankee fans. Perhaps the only reasons we don't hang our heads in shame like Raiders fans is that Steiny has kept them winning and those 28 +/- World Series Trophies. I will miss Torre, though.)

Of course I have to point out that my primary baseball allegiance is to Pittsburgh. Yes, we bite, but we're ahead of SOMEBODY in the standings, at least for now.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Hold on to your hats, Pirates! We're a commin' for ya!

Bob M. said...

Would that be the stylish, Bill Madlock era, horizontally-striped hats?
Man, as bad as football unis can get (I'm thinking the Nike-designed U of Oregon skid-plate uni), Baseball has had some heinous fashion statements in the past.
I'm just waiting for Jim Leyland to kick the bucket so his ghost can come back and run the Pirates better than any manager in the past 15 seasons.
Does any city have greater contrast between its baseball and football franchises than Pittsburgh in terms of success/quality/management? Seattle might be there. Is SD close? Packers/Brewers? Oh well: I'm ready for four more months of pain administered by the Bucs and then two weeks of pain due to the Yankees, all of which will be washed away by the Colts jumping out to a 7-0 start.

Shake'n'bake said...

Cubbies on top baby. Outscoring their opponents by a 1.6 runs a game. BP has them with a 70% chance of making the playoffs.

NL Rookie of the year: Geovany Soto .321 .423 .595 from the catcher spot.
D-Lee and Aramis Ramirez rocking OPS' over 900
Fukudome, Theriot and Derosa over 800

Big Z and Marmol still have sick stuff and now aren't handing out walks left and right. Dempster is surprisingly good. Lilly, Hill and Marquis don't suck. Kerry Wood up to 8 saves now, with high strikeouts, low walks and homeruns and a sub 1 WHIP.

Go Cubs

DZ said...

Dempster, Lilly, Hill and Marquis are NOT a formula for playoff success. Neither is Wood in the pen. Sorry, but I ain't buying it.

Shake'n'bake said...

The pitching worries me, Z and Marmol are lights out, Dempster is in the process of shocking cubs fans by being an above average starter, then there's a whole lot of mediocrity.
They can hit though.
If they can squeeze a last little bit of productiveness out of Jim Edmonds then they'll dangerous be dangerous 8 deep in the batting order (9 is Big Z is pitching) but I'll settle for 6 guys with OPS over 800 and Soriano likely improving on the 765 he's at now.

Anonymous said...

Lilly is a stud.

Especially for one dollar.