Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sampson blames IU, global warming

It was not enough for Kelvin Sampson to set Indiana's basketball program back five years with his deeds. He apparently won't be satisfied until the Hoosiers are dead and buried.

Look, I honestly felt sorry for KS at first. He was breaking the kind of NCAA rules that a great many college coaches bend and break every day. In his mind, what amounted to one extra phone call per week wasn't a big deal. He could not understand why the NCAA was picking on him. I don't know either, but rules are rules. You can't break them. And you can't violate your probation when you are caught.

Sampson is throwing Indiana under the bus because he thinks Indiana threw him under the bus first. But what did he expect? He put Indiana in a terrible position. Now he wants to blame everyone from his assistants to the compliance department to the athletic director. When you are the boss you don't get away with laying blame on your subordinates. I can't believe nobody told me this was going on. I specifically told my recruiters not to do this!

Not nearly good enough, Kelvin.

Update: Kravitz can't figure out why AD Rick Greenspan still has a job.

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