Friday, May 23, 2008

Dungy says Philly PD not likely to implicate Harrison

On Mike and Mike in the Morning today, Tony Dungy said that they've talked to the Philly PD, and while the investigation is ongoing, it now seems very unlikely that Marvin Harrison will be directly implicated or affected by the situation that was reported a few weeks ago.

Score one for the brick and mortar media. Way to really get the story right. Why does everyone hate bloggers again? What honestly is the difference between Deadspin and ESPN when they report unsubstantiated rumors and sensationalistic reports?

Dungy also said it was unfortunate that the Patriots accomplishments were tarnished. I'm sure this will get inflamed and sound-bitten to death, but if you hear the context in which he was speaking, he talked at length about what a great team they have and that it was a shame they've been tarnished and that people now won't remember them for how great they really are.

Listen, they HAVE been tarnished. No one looks at them the same way anymore. If someone wants to say they SHOULDN'T be tarnished, that's fine, but it doesn't change the reality that they are. The comments were pretty innocuous, but I'm sure the Pats crazies will make too big a deal out of it.

Chad sends us this about Jr. If he gets to 599, and I can be in Cincy, I'm going at least once.

I missed this a couple of days ago. TMQ argues for a Belichick suspension. It's interesting and almost persuasive. Personally, I think it's worse for him that there be no closure. As long as the public feels like he's gotten away with cheating, they'll hate him more for it. I'm good with people hating him as long as they want. I think the public contempt does more to control cheating than a suspension would. Shame is a powerful tool that our society has forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Nobody likes a preacher.

Tony should shut his mouth.

It's too bad he's too nice of a guy to say 'no' to question here and there.

- JC

Bob M. said...

JC, Nobody likes a preacher? How come so many people attend religious services? Sure ain't for the T&A. Or the snacks. or the comfy seats.

Speaking of preachers, I have not liked TMQ much in the past few years (and I really liked him back when he was on Slate, ESPN the first time, FO, etc), but I feel he was almost compelling with his anti-BB views last week. If my back were to the wall, I'd say "shut up about it already. It's done and there's nothing we can do to change the past." Let's move on now. But TMQ actually supports his points well this time IMO. He IS a bit of a moralist and he's probably more in his comfort zone with that than with science or math. Plus Jeff Saturday was his MVP a couple years ago, that's gotta count for something.

zac said...

Hardly being a preacher if you are asked the are just being civil. Nice to have a head coach who actually answers direct questions in a direct way.

Criticize Dungy all you want for the stances he takes, but respect the guy because he actually speaks his mind in a clear and concise way, unlike certain head coaches.

My Dungy story to pass along. Just yesterday I went to visit my wife's brother who is in prison. While I was waiting there I saw Tony there meeting with another prisoner. He was wrapping up his time with the young man, took a picture with him, then left.

No paper will publish this story, no one will ask him a question about it, he will never get any favorable press from it. I think that is closer to the real Tony than anything we see on TV or in an interview.

It makes me think how trivial football really is. I have some issues with Tony, with his game management, with his teams always laying huge eggs in the playoffs, etc. I may even have an issue with his profession quickly making his voice irrelevant speaking to the average joe trying to be a better dad.

But all in all, he is a good guy, an authentic person, and I am proud to have him as our coach. We are better off as a team, an organization, and a city, for it.

Deshawn Zombie said...

JC, I don't think he was preaching. If you listen to the comments, I think he was saying it was unfortunate that this was all that people will remember about the Pats. The PC thing to say would be that the whole thing didn't matter and no one will remember it. But that isn't true. For the rest of time, whenever there is a cheating scandle in any sport, they'll trot the Patriots out as a comparison point. They are now the 72 Dolphins of cheaters. Tony didn't say that's how it should be...he said that's how it is. And he's right.

JC said...

If steroid abuser, charged-with-assault Joey Porter thinks that a tape of Cowher's 3 assistant coaches (teams do use decoys you know) sending hand signals has anything to do with a blocked FG for a Touchdown and a punt return for a Touchdown he should get off the rock.

Or any of the woeful balls that Kordell threw that day.


And the right thing to say would have been "I've talked enough about it I'm looking forward to coaching OUR team and working towards our goals for this season" or something to that effect.

But Saint Pookie has to sound off like usual.

That's why I hate his guts.

I mean lets face it, his way might not be the right way.....

zac said...

Why is that necessarily the right way to go? Because its trite and cliche? Because it lets your boys off the hook? Because a recent Superbowl winning coach shouldn't have an opinion on league happenings?

Sound off as usual, and that's why you hate his guts? Tony speaking in this way IS unusual, he doesn't just run his mouth in the media on every issue facing the NFL.

Do you have any clue what you're talking about? Hate all you want, but at least be correct in your claims. That's like me hating the Pats because your coach was an accomplish in the JFK assassination.

Its one thing to be a troll and post an opposing viewpoint, but anyone can just type non-sensical stuff and post it. You're better than that. I think.

zac said...

And Saint Pookie? Really? That is your funny line? You are slipping, man

JC said...

Yea Saint Pookie.

As in he's ashy like pookie and annointed by the media as a saint.

Is that any less original than Darth Hoodie?

Oooooooh got you there Zac.

You know damn well I know what I'm talking about which is why you write back with a 4 paragraph whine.

Has he EVER refused a spygate question? Like Gruden, Cowher, Fisher or the majority of respectable head coaches in the league do regularly?

No. He just keeps on preaching.

I've disliked Tony Dungy since his bible thumping press conferences in Tampa and I dislike him even more now.

JC said...

And to append that last bit before I pass out from a violent combo of Guiness and Vikes....let me just say this.

It wasn't said to be funny, it was to show my disdain.

I don't hate the Colts. I don't hate Peyton Manning. I don't hate Bill Polian, although I should.

I don't hate the fact you won in 2006 and I certainly don't hate you guys.

I just can't stand the coach. All the way back to the 90's.

And when I hear him talk about spygate it only makes me hate him more.

bd said...

I find it incredible that anyone could hate Tony Dungy. He has never been disrespectful to anyone in his life. He's the first black head coach to win a superbowl and spawned the careers of many other black coaches/coordinators. You think that was easy? Hell no. He's probably faced more criticism and bigotry in his life than you can even imagine. And he's kept his cool through all of it. It's damn hilarious that you hate the guy for speaking his mind about the Patriots' situation. The Patriots are the ones who cheated, and yet you hate Dungy for TALKING about it? I think you are redirecting your anger on the wrong guy. Who are you really mad at?

John said...

Related to the other big sports news in Indy...

This sentence from an article about the Phoenix mission to Mars caught my eye:

In its approach to Mars, Phoenix has been traveling at about 12,750 miles per hour, or about 500 miles in 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

Wouldn't that be a fun race? Don't get up to go the restroom, honey, you'll miss all 200 laps.

bd said...

Lol. I was thinking the same thing watching the flybys at the start of the race. Those are the real machines.

zac said...

jc- that last comment literally made zero sense. it absolutely defies logic as we know it in the western world and in human civilization, period.

JC said...


See that's what you guys do. You and Bob Villa specifically.

I say something, usually lucid, concise and poignant and you dismiss it as gibberish....yet never point out which part doesn't make sense.

That's because you're unable to challenge any of my just dimiss it instead. That's what bitches do.

What didn't make sense? If I need to break it down to monosyllabism I will.


What's race got to do with anything? Tony Dungy should be commended for his accomplishments the exact same whether he's black brown white or yellow.


MAKE ANOTHER EFFING ENTRY. If I have to go back and forth with "you're better than that" and "you don't make sense" and brilliant zingers like that I'm going kick my dog.

zac said...

jc- just read my previous entry, the response is in there. you are the one who hasnt responded. i say that tony speaking out in these issues is rare, you go off on a rant about "preaching."

i also disagree that tony should have to stay silent. why should he? i ask these questions response from you

by your own standards, your the one playing the "bitch" role here.

turning up the volume does not equal an argument.

at least my cardinals are winning, this will make the summer awesome until football starts, when things will get even more awesome.

your boys better hope we get nicked up before the our show down at "the lube" its your only chance to win.

zac said...

on an unrelated topic, to jc, dz, and anyone that is a baseball fan.....clayton kershaw is insane. when he gets comfortable at the MLB level, he is going to be VERY good.

first MLB start and he has 7 Ks through 6 innings. he gave up a couple runs, but one came from an RBI double from Albert Pujols. he did just fine against all the mortals.

he throws gas, hitting as high as 97, and has an absolutely devastating curve.

check it out

you can see the break even from that crappy angle.

Shake'n'bake said...

Rosevelt Colvin passed a Colts physical and is now talking money with the Colts front office.

The more pass rushers the better, especially since it's a versatile guy that brings some coverage skills to the table as well. Him and Marcus Howard backing up Freeney and Mathis would be awesome.

Deshawn Zombie said...

sorry guys, I'm on vacation this weekend and working off an unreliable stolen wifi connection. My post is my response. Dungy wasn't insulting the Pats at all. Their legacy IS tarnished. He said they are a great team and it's too bad. If you listen, he really wasn't criticizing anyone. JC is freak. His response doesn't really make sense in light of Dungy's comments, so he can't really rip anyone for not answering his charges.

JC said...

I can rip anyone I want, especially you.

My question was simple.

Has Tony ever REFUSED a spygate question?


Like three dozen other coaches have done numerous times.

That's all I asked, go back and read it.

Deshawn Zombie said...

What coach has refused a Spygate question other than ex-Patriots coaches? Why should he refuse the question? He called the situation unfortunate and praised the Patritos for being a great team. Why do you have a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Every coach I mentioned, plus Mangini (Mangini!), Shanahan, Jauron, Herm the Perm, Tomlin and many others.

I've kept a watchful eye of who stayed out of it, and who couldn't WAIT to talk about it some more and pile on.

Dungy is the latter.

Seeing as how I think he's a total fraud and hypocrite (I've said that before and after spygate) I'm sure you can see how his opinion on anything inflames me.

I'm going out now and am done with this.


coltsfanawalt said...

Dungy is a great guy. He has passed Peyton to become my favorite PERSON on the Colts.

JC, someone brings up race as an issue regarding accomplishments, and you quickly dismiss it as irrevelant. It may be to you, but I wonder from your antics if faith is the issue. Do you hate him for his biblical viewpoint and his strong Christian faith? Since you've hated him since before the Patriots were the issue, since his Bible-thumping Buccaneer days and beyond, is this religous discrimination? I don't get it.

He comments on the Pats, I thought in a very reasonable and somewhat complimentary way, and you disdain him. You comment on Dungy, obviously in a demeaning and inflammatory way, so I disdain you.

Shake'n'bake said...

So everyone would rather yell at JC than discuss the possible addition of another pass rusher?

Anonymous said...

Im wsay to drunk to respond tho this but i'll get at you guys in the AM.

Happy Memorial Day.


bd said...

I'm cool with Rosy. Born in Indy, still lives here anyway, used to work at the RCA Dome, went to Purdue. I don't hold it against him for being a Patriot. We embraced Vinatieri. Let's do the same for Rosy.

jc said...

I didn't know you guys had a WNBA team.

Congratulations on that...

Shake'n'bake said...

The Colts aren't just the best drafting team in the NFL by far they are more good at the draft than the Lions are bad at it.

Anonymous said...

here's a question: wouldn't it be a non-story if dungy (or any coach) did not comment? really - how would we know?

zac said...

Forgive me if I don't leap for joy because of adding Colvin. If the Pats let him go because of pure financial motives, ok. If he is slipping, then he won't hang on this roster.

We were loaded before him, we will be loaded if he doesn't stick, the biggest issue for our pass rush will be the health of Freeney. No news there.

JC is more interesting than this signing.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I agree. I like signing Colivn to a no risk deal, but I'll be more excited about it if he makes the roster.

I'm still waiting to hear what Dungy said that was negative about the Patriots. To my knowledge he has commented on this story twice. The first time he likened it to the Bonds situation where people tend to forget all the great things Bonds did and just focus on the cheating. He said that was unfortunate. It was actually supportive of the Patriots. He was then gracious to Belichick after Bill told him to "f-off" after the game. Then he came out this week and said it was unfortunate the Patriots legacy was tarnished because they had such great teams and players.

JC, I'm still waiting to hear what was wrong with those statements. If you think he unfairly ripped the Pats, I would love to see the exact quote. Both his major statements on the issue were focused more on the negative attention the issue produced that took people's attention away from the team.

I don't see how that's even debateable. I don't see why he shouldn't answer questions either. He was asked a question, and he answered it in a way that was complimentary of the Patriots. Pats fans WANT him to rip the team so they can feel justified in hating him. Therefore, they ignore the context and the content of the response and say, "Dungy said we are like Barry Bonds! He said our legacy is tarnished! What an ahole!"

If the Pats don't want people hating them, they shouldn't have cheated. They aren't the victims here. Dungy was being overly kind to them.

Shake'n'bake said...

A 7.6 million cap charge for a LB coming of a season ending injury, sounds like money was a huge factor. The Colts are 7million under the cap and only need 3-4million of that to sign the draft picks, so they have plenty of room to give him a short term a bit above the vet minimum deal.

jc said...


What BOTHERS me is that he ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT IT when it's referenced.

Use GOOGLE then tell me with a straight face he's spoken on it twice.

And to answer your second question about a quote that pissed me off, remember the video game "cheat code" comment?

Every week during the season spygate was brought up by the media - usually post game - and he always had an opinion. Still does.

This guy is a punk. A skinny little preachy broad.

I hate his guts.

Especially when I hear him on the All-Pro dad commercials on XM Radio.

And to show you that I don't just hate him for won the Superbowl "The Lord's Way"?


And just in case you ask "what's wrong with him saying we won the Lord's way" I'll say that I don't think religion has any place in the NFL.

My take.

I'd tell him to F off too after a game...

zac said...

jc- Let's assume you are 100% correct and Dungy has never refused a question on Spygate. So what? It is his right to speak on that as much as he sees fit.

The Patriots cheat code comment pissed you off? Dude, grow up! Seriously, that's a good line and the only reason you got mad is because it came at the expense of your squad.

That's what it all comes down to. You don't like your boys getting run through the mud, regardless of whether or not it is deserved.

Basically you don't like Tony, so he should keep his mouth shut. If you could forward a complete list of Indy personalities you don't like, we will just put the gag order on them. So says jc.

jc said...

Dungy and you.

Gag them both and I'm content.

Kershaw is an effing freak.

DZ said...

Ok, JC, that's fair enough. I hadn't heard the cheat code comment (though you have to admit it's pretty funny).

Why wouldn't religion have a place in football? The whole knock on religious people as hypocrites stems from people who act one way at church and another way all the rest of the time. So here's a relgious person who makes his faith an integrated part of his life. You may not like his faith, but it's nonsense to say it shouldn't be part of the game. Every person has the right to express their faith as they see fit.

I suppose Tony shouldn't have taken that dig at the Pats, but his other comments were really positive about the team.

bd said...

Dude, when you're as religious as Dungy is, it's impossible to separate your faith from anything you do, even your job. I don't think religion belongs anywhere but your own private life, but if Dungy wants to believe the Lord helped him win a SB, who are you to criticize him for it? Look at it this way, if simply believing in God helped Dungy overcome any personal obstacles in his life (he's had many), than that belief certainly helped him get to the SB and win it. Believe what YOU want, but don't tell others what to believe or what they can and cannot say.

JC said...

I'm just bitter, that's all it comes down to.

Dungy sucks though. I'm not making that up.

The officiating in the NBA is attrocious.....both ways.

DZ said...

That is something everyone can agree on. How is it that an NBA ref admitted to fixing games (including a playoff game) and no one seems to even care? Talk about your free pass. If it was football, congress would be investigating. If it was baseball, they'd write long poetic books about it. But in the NBA, everyone shurgs and says, "Well at least that time there was an excuse for horrible officiating".

Bob M. said...

Off topic, but I am honored to be referred to as Bob Vila. I have a handful of his books and hope to turn my spare time house development gig into a full time job. He is, in many ways, the American Dream--a Cuban immigrant who worked hard and made it big.

I think an anon poster said it best: how on earth would we know if Dungy ever ducked a Spygate (R) question? Maybe he ducks 20 a day and answers just one! Okay, so if Jeff Fisher ducks all 21 thrown at him, does that make him 5% more honorable, JC? And his comments hardly bash BB and the Pats. Basically he's saying "it's unfortunate" and it is, which is why Pats fans are so touchy about this issue.

JC, who would you rather have as a next door neighbor and why? I am pretty sure I'd grow very weary of TD's overt Christianity, but I'd be able to ignore it and talk about more practical things over the fence--kids, sports, lawn mowers. But BB? I do not know the man, but get the impression I'd say "good morning coach," and get ignored in return. That'd probably bug me more than TD's trying to get me to church more often.

Plus, if I collapsed on the street with an aneurysm, I am pretty sure TD would call 911 whereas BB would likely *try* to avoid my convulsing body as he backed out of the driveway.

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!