Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking good...sort of

Peter King graces us with this exciting nugget today:

I think the worst-kept secret in the NFL is that Indianapolis will get the 2012 Super Bowl when owners meet in Atlanta this week. Indy deserves it. The city lost the 2011 game to Dallas, 17 votes to 15, and there's always been a strong feeling toward new stadiums in cities that have enough hotel rooms and are weatherproof. All domed stadiums in northern cities eventually get one Super Bowl. It happened at the Metrodome, the Silverdome and Ford Field, and the Colts are in line to get the first one ever played in Indiana.

This is wonderful news, of course. We've sort of been silent on the bid, not wanting to jinx what should be a sure thing. Houston and Arizona have both had their shot, and will certainly get more chances in the future, but after twice tying Dallas on a secret ballot last year, the city of Indianapolis is right in feeling like the NFL owes it. Lucas Oil Stadium is a publicly funded venture (ugh), and the citizens of Indiana deserve some compensation for the generosity to financial behemoth that is the N.F.L.

The dark side of this ray of hope? There may not BE a 2012 Super Bowl.

Son of a... Talk about yanking the rug right out from under you.


Bump Day was sweet. Buddy Lazier has always been one of my favorite drivers and his mad dash to make the field was awesome. Lazier hasn't always had the best car, but he typically carved up the field and made a good run anyway. When he did have the best car, he won the whole freaking thing. I couldn't be more excited about the race on Sunday.

Maybe Stephen Colbert is right. That's what I thought when I saw this report. Then about the 1:12 mark, I realized that this man wasn't attacked by a bear...IT WAS BOB SANDERS. I heard it had something to do with gang hit on his uncle. Great, just what we need...more controversy. Well, at least will be all over it.

ESPN writers share their favorite baseball stories. Jerry Crasnick's about Marge Schott is amazing. Jayson Stark writes about the Sosa ball that broke a window across from Wrigley. That was on a Sunday. I was at the Friday game against the Mets. It was early May and FREEZING at Wrigley. The Mets held a 1-0 lead until the 9th. The Cubs got a two out double, and Mark Grace was at the plate. The Mets chose to give him an intentional walk to pitch to Sosa. He was in a streak of 7 straight strikeouts. He slammed the first pitch off that same building across the street for a game winning HR. Two days later he did it again, and broke a window. It was amazing.


Bob M. said...

This just in..... Jerry Porter had an ice bag on foot/ankle and was pulled after half of his first practice. He's probably fine, but still... how old is he? 30 yet? Not a good sign. Maybe the Jags can clone MJD and start 11 of him on offense.

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Bob M. said...

Wow, I just read TMQ about a week late, and even though he is really on a high horse I don't much like regarding Spygate (R), I find his argument somewhat compelling. He gives the Pats players and staff plenty of credit for their little dynasty, but points out how one key play can spell the difference in a game. Old news, I know, but training camp is so far away. I love the Phil Simms 1980 bits at the end.