Monday, May 5, 2008

Baker the Butcher

Ok, so that's a little unfair as titles go, but I went for wit over accuracy. Still as the Reds continue on their SECOND 5 game losing streak in recent weeks, my Opening Day frustrations look downright prescient. 5 game losing streaks are especially significant to me because they mean your entire rotation failed to get a win. During this little run, the Reds got 2 awful starts, 2 brilliant starts, and 1 solid start (which was done in by a terrible bullpen performance). In other words, the Reds pitching hasn't been great, but even when it has it seems to make little difference. As I've said about twice a week since the season started: THIS TEAM CAN'T HIT. I'm not sure that it's Dusty Baker's fault that Griffey and Dunn aren't playing well. I do know it's his fault that Cory Patterson is on the roster and a lead off hitter who has an on base % of under .270 will brutalize any offense. The 'win now' plan isn't going to happen this season so it's quite frankly time to bring up Bruce and Baily and get on to the business of prepping this team for next year. It's not all gloom and doom, there is talent on the roster and in the organization, but it doesn't seem like it's being managed very well. Of course that's what happens when you fire your GM 15 games in.

I'm heading to the park tonight to see Johnny Franchise (who still has a great WHIP and K/BB despite a ballooning ERA). I'll give a scouting report tomorrow.

In other news Peter King ranks the NFL teams. I think he's dead on about San Diego (Rivers is NOT a proven commodity), but is way too optimistic about Jacksonville. That team is has not gotten better than last year, and I think is primed for a serious regression. I do give him points for not buying Vince Young. He's exactly the kind of guy that King usually can't get enough of. In Colts news, PK things Harrison is in trouble (no reason, he just feels it-at least he's consistent) and Dungy won't coach past this year.

There's nothing new in the Harrison situation. Something tells me this story is not that high up on the police to-do list in Philly.


Mike said...

I'll be at the game tomorrow night at Great American. Go Cubs!

I'm glad someone else is enjoying the Dusty Baker era as much as we did :-)

Anonymous said...


Votto is a freak right?

Not a fake stud corner guy like Zimmerman?

- JC