Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who to start a franchise with?

ESPN recently did a poll and asked their analysts (and perhaps their analrapists) who is the best player to start a franchise with.


John Clayton had the correct answer. Jefferey Chadia picked a 28 year-old running back. Matt Mosely gave an acceptable answer, arguing that Carson Palmer was younger than Brady or Manning, and that the team would need a younger QB. Pasquarelli suggested taking a steroid user so that he could pump up other members of the team. Joe Theismann? Well, we've known he was a idiot for some time now.

UPDATE: The panel of experts (sans Joe T) has declared unanimously that Manning is the best quaterback in the league

Suck it, Tommy. Manning is edging ever closer to ending this debate forever.

UPDATE TWO: The panel of experts has declared by a 3-2 vote that #88 is the best receiver in the game today.

Clayton, Mosely and Pasquarelli all chose Marvin; Hodge and Chadia took Steve Smith. So there you have it folks, a panel of experts has chosen 18 to 88 as the best combination in football. Peyton's the best QB; Marvin's the best WR. But then again, we already knew that didn't we?

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