Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Prisco just trying to please everyone.

So this makes almost no sense. Pete Prisco, quickly trying to take his name off the 'writers we like' list, has come out with his Power Rankings for the 2007 season. Now listen, we know that power rankings are for chumps (at least until we publish OURS). Just last week we killed Prisco for saying that he thought the Pats had a better offense than the Colts, but today the defending Champs hold the top spot in his power rankings.

Why aren't we dancing? For one, it's irrelevant. For two Prisco's stance makes no sense at all. If the Pats O has indeed passed the Colts O, then there is no way the Colts are on top. Our defense will play better this year (or not, who knows?), but I think everyone doubts they'll be a better unit than the Pats D. Frankly, this doesn't make any sense at all. Prisco just seems to be writing any old thing he wants. Even his good points in the lead in (that the Colts loss in FA weren't really important players), were mitigated by erroneous statements like Kelvin Hayden returned a fumble for a TD in the Super Bowl. That's just lazy writing and editing.

Demond Sanders comments: The Hayden fumble return was huge, but not as clutch as when Reggie Wayne rode that unicorn right over Urlacher for the Colts first score of the game.

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