Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Colts start a club for Kids! (ages 5 - 14)

The Colts are going on their 24th season in Indy. Crazy. I remember when it was the ten year anniversary (it was right around the time they started marketing "Yell, Scream, Go Horse!") Anyway the Colts now have a kids club with its own tv show on Fox, apparently. Weird.

Once again, we can all thank Peyton and Marvin for saving the franchise. Just a couple years ago a new stadium seemed highly unlikely. I guess tearing through the league's defenses at an unprecedented pace for eight years will do that for you (that and the state's beloved Pacers turning to dust). Hey we finally found out what it takes to turn Indiana into a football state. . .

By the way, as I click on this link I am again hit with the fact that "Blue the horse" is a super-lame mascot (especially considering how awesome "Boomer the Pacers Panther" is). If anyone ever sees this show send us a review. Who am I kidding? I'll be watching.

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