Friday, May 4, 2007

Brady to throw 40 touchdowns, save the world

John Clayton likes the Gonzalez pick. He sees the potential for an unstoppable offense.

Unfortunately he expects the same thing out of the Patriots. "Given Brady's accuracy, it's not out of the question for Brady to approach a 40-touchdown pass season and compete with Manning for passing records."

That's great John, but how about we aim for 30 touchdowns first, seeing as how Brady's never thrown that many in his entire career? Personally, I think Brady will throw about 25 touchdowns (because he always does) and he will fall in love with Wes Welker. His new slot receiver will end up with about 85 catches, dwarfing the production of Moss and Stallworth.

How will Peyton do next year? Well, let's just say he averages 30.5 scores a year over his career.

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