Friday, May 11, 2007

Sometimes people are just lazy

I used to like Pete Prisco because he was generally kind to the Colts. Now he's just getting sloppy. He recently did a review of the draft from 3 years ago. I love draft reviews that look back several years, because often you can a clear picture of whether or not a team knows how to draft. You can read his review here:

In his review, he notes that the 2004 draft produced Zombie Bob, Jake Scott, Jason David, and everyone's favorite no talent ass-clown, Gilbert Gardner. He then cryptically gave the Colts a B minus saying that Sanders was the only 2007 starter from that group. That's not even true, as Jake Scott should have a decent chance to start this season (as he did last season). He lazily forgot information that he had mentioned only one paragraph before.

So from the draft, the Colts got 3 starters that played in the Super Bowl (4 starters overall from last season if you count Gardner, which we don't because he sucks hard). One of those starters is an All-Pro safety who routinely rips the helmets off of unsuspecting ball carriers in order to feast upon their succulent brains. Just because the Colts let Jason David walk doesn't mean he wasn't a good pick. Considering the Colts didn't pick in the first round, this draft seems like better than a B minus.

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