Monday, May 21, 2007

Great article about a great man...

Len Pasquarelli, who was clearly hanging out in Indy for the minicamp this weekend due to his string of Colts related articles over the last couple of days, put together a really great piece about Tony Dungy.

We all know how great Tony is, so I'm not going to rehash the obvious here. I realized today that for the first time ever, I'm EXCITED about football season. In the past, I always dreaded it. The heart break would prove too much for me. I couldn't take another year of listening to morons who thought Tom Brady was more than an over-hyped Troy Aikman. I couldn't stand people blaming Peyton for the failures of his teammates. This year, IT'S ALL DIFFERENT. Geeze, I can't freaking wait.

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Jean said...

Loved the article, Luke - I am like 1/100th fan you are, and it GOT ME excited for Colts football!