Friday, May 4, 2007

Pete Prisco. . . More moss hype

I'm not sure how much I even need to comment on this story. Pete Prisco usually loves the Colts and thus will rarely be criticized in this space, but this time he's gone too far. I can understand ranking the Raven's D as the number one unit in the NFL. It is a veteran unit and did its job well against the Colts' Offense in January, holding them to five field goals. But to rank the Patriots' Offense as the second best unit of any kind in the league is a big pile of hype.

I know I'm beating a dead horse (so forgive me because it's not even August yet) but how on any planet would you take Moss, Stallworth, and Welker over Harrison, Wayne, and Gonzalez? Two of those guys went to the Pro-Bowl last year and the other was in the NCAA.

Let's compare the often-ignored part of these offenses, the running game. Laurence Maroney's hot start petered out down the stretch and he underwent shoulder surgery in the off-season. He's clearly not the "every down back" that the Pats thought they were getting. Sammy Morris (old) and Kevin Faulk (older) better be ready to roll come September because for some reason Belichek thinks Corey Dillon and his 13 rushing touchdowns are expendable. Guess what? Morris and Faulk had two rushing scores between them all last season.

As for Indy, can Joe Addai handle a 300+ carry season? Yeah, I think he can, although I don't think we'll have to find out. The Colts and Bill Polian believe DeDe Dorsey can be even better than Dom Rhodes (that wouldn't be all that difficult to manage if we only look at his regular season performance).

Deshawn Zombie´s Comments What´s so truly bizarre about this piece is that there is no position at which NE would win the individual matchup. Indy has the better line (admits Prisco), the better RB, the better WRs, at least an equal TE, and the better QB. Not only this, but they have way more continuity as an offense. Truth be told, no one has any idea what kind of offense the Pats will be running next year, let alone if it will be the ¨best¨ in the NFL. This is seriously lazy work based all on hype and without any real foundation. Blech.

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