Friday, April 4, 2008

An Odd Bandwagon (aka an apology to Jeff Keppinger but NOT Corey Patterson...not now not ever)

I suppose bandwagon jumping is a tendency of most fans. I've been a die hard fan of my big four (IU, Reds, Colts, Pacers) all my life without wavering. I limit my personal betrayals to the players that play for my teams. I have been known to curse and cheer a guy within one at bat, and in general, nothing I say about any player in the aftermath of a loss can be counted as a true glimpse into my feelings about that player. My mini-rant after Monday's Reds' game is probably as good an example of that as anything. My support for players waxes and wanes, but my support for my teams is never in question.

Jeff Keppinger has now had one bad game and two good ones. When he's hot, I'll love him. When he's cold, I'll hate him. It will take a lot for a player like that to get on my permanent good side. Still, I'm sorry I buried him on Monday. His minor league numbers don't scream 'future star', but he certainly came through the last two days.

Corey Patterson will get no such apology from me despite his solo home run on Wednesday. I have zero use for leadoff men with decent power and terrible, terrible OB%. Norris Hopper at the very least and eventually Jay Bruce should be manning CF for the Reds. As it stands, we'll get treated to lots of awesome solo shots and even more 0-4 games from good ol' Corey.

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Ian said...

Ha, as a Cubs fan I feel your Corey Patterson-induced pain. I don't think I've ever disliked a player more.