Thursday, April 3, 2008

Johnny Franchise

Not to be too giddy over one start, but never in my life has a Reds pitcher had so electric a debut as rookie Johnny Cueto had today. Peppering the zone with 96 mph heaters, he held the Diamondbacks to 1 hit (a home run), no walks and 10 Ks in 7 innings. No Reds pitcher has struck out 10 in his debut since 1900. The Reds haven't really developed a homegrown starter since Tom freaking Browning. This team may have serious problems, but maybe, just maybe starting pitching won't be one of them for too much longer. I was laughing out loud with glee for most of the game. The really amazing part? Dusty pulled him before he hit the 100 pitch mark.

Wonders may never cease.

Demond Sanders: Amazing performance. Dusty compared it to the way Fernando Valenzuela broke onto the scene to dominate out of nowhere. It was good enough to warrant a little hyperbole. I'm proud of Dusty for pulling him, but you know deep down he wanted to see if the kid could go the distance.


Kevin said...

was at the "Cueto Game". he looked spectacular...but perhaps even more impressive was Dunn's display out in LF on a couple of knocks.

DZ said...

Yeah, when the Reds bullpen (mostly) cooperates, Dunner plays great D, and Keppinger hits a HR, you know the stars have aligned

Shake'n'bake said...

Reds Related. Announcer looking like an absolute moron and evidence for the ridiculousness of "clutch" players.

Don't be scared off by them saying it's porn. That's a metaphor for how much they like the video clip.

I also remember you guys not liking because you like him as a announcer, they've said that they don't hate Morgan any more than about 50 other guys that comment on baseball in the media.

Deshawn Zombie said...

It's not that I don't like them. I do very much actually. I'm definitely a numbers guy. I just hold a grudge because Joe Morgan is #4 on my favorite athlete list behind 18, 31 and 11. I do enjoy him as a broadcaster. I live outside the reds tv area so I have to listen to Marty on the MLB audio package. Demond told me about how great this clip was. Thanks for posting it