Sunday, April 27, 2008

Draft Wrap Up

Bill Polian and the Colts surprised us this weekend by not surprising us. They filled the basic need areas that fans and media had been targeting since the fall. Offensive line depth was a major issue during parts of the 2007 season and the loss of Jake Scott to Tennessee in free agency only compounded the problem. Of course we didn't know they'd take three centers, but we aren't shocked either. The other standout issues were Tight End, Running Back, and Defensive End. Check, check and check. Wide receiver depth was at times an embarrassment in 2007. Who could forget the sickening feeling you got when you looked up to see Devin Aromashodu was playing against the Falcons? Check. I gotta say I'm pretty pleased right now.

Round 2) Mike Pollak - Arizona St, G

Round 3) Philip Wheeler - Ga Tech, LB

Round 4) Jacob Tamme - Kentucky, TE

Round 5) Marcus Howard - Georgia, DE

Round 6) Tom Santi - Virginia, TE

Round 6) Steven Justice - Wake Forest, C

Round 6) Mike Hart - Michigan, RB

Round 6) Pierre Garcon - Mount Union, WR

Round 7) Jamey Richard - Buffalo, C

Here is Mike Hart running away from two Buckeyes roughly twice his size. I guess this draft pick is for all the Wolverine fans who swallow their pride and root for Anthony Gonzalez each Sunday.

When we drafted Pierre Garcon my wife immediately wanted to know if he would wear a beret on the sidelines. I googled him to see what he looked like and this is seriously what came up:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous delivers the answer to: Who in the blue hell is Pierre Garcon?

Bob M. said...

Pierre Garcon: You GO, boy!

Kevin said...

piece on pierre