Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AJ Smith Enjoys Boring Other People

There is no GM in football who I personally root against with more vigor than AJ Smith (and yes, that includes Scott Pioli who I mostly just assume is Belichick's lapdog). Smith has had a pretty checkered record in San Diego, both drafting incredibly well in some areas, while royally screwing the QB position. My dislike of him essentially boils down to his shoddy treatment of Drew Brees (to whom he never really gave a chance), and his bizarre little game of making Eli stand up with the Chargers jersey, just to spite him. He's already cost the Chargers a Super Bowl by drafting Phil Rivers (who has yet to prove to anyone that he's actually good at QB). And then he made the idiot mistake of letting Brees walk without getting anything in return for him. But today he gave me one more reason to dislike him. With the draft buzzing along quickly and managing to be enjoyable for the first time ever, AJ Smith logs in as the voice of dissent:

"I don't like it," said San Diego general manager A.J. Smith, who was opposed to the idea from the beginning, "because I just want five minutes. It didn't affect anything, but I like it (the old way) because I'd have five more minutes. I don't know if I would need them, but I do know that if I did I'd have five more minutes."

Nice there A.J. So the league hits upon a way to make the draft more watchable (perhaps even leading to a lucrative prime time TV slot), and you don't like it. Why don't you like? Because you'd just like to have 5 more minutes. Ok. I see your point. Why don't we just take 20 minutes between picks? Or 30? Would you like an hour? I don't know that you'd need it it, but I do know that if you did, you have another 50 minutes! So everyone else thought they had plenty of time, and the increased revenue better ratings could bring does nothing but help the league, but we should go back to the lumbering 15 minutes format just in case you happen to maybe need 5 more minutes.



bd said...

LOL. And what is he doing with the hour or so he has from one pick to the next? Sitting on his thumbs? Unless "your guy" gets taken a pick or two before you are on the clock, you should know who you're going to take. If you don't, then your draft management sucks. Funny.

JC said...

Haha, Belichick's lapdog.

Sometimes it's pretty clear you guys don't do your homework - you just run your mouth.

It's OK though. To be expected.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Hey, JC...

Here's a joke.

Feel free to take it.

JC said...

Yea my bad.

8 CC's before breakfast makes me a little edgy.

Dave H said...

From a hardcore Chargers fan: BREES SUCKS!!

He got like 4 years to play with Gates and LT, and in his last two seasons lost to the Jets in the wild card round (Rivers 1-1, first loss choked away by Mcree/Parker), then the following year went 8-8, losing at Denver both years(Rivers 2-0 at Denver), and choking away the playoff spot aginst KC because he couldn't throw a 5 yard out. That being said, the guy lights up crappy defenses so I would definately draft him in fantasy this year since the Saints will have a weak schedule. Notice how Brees and the "potent" Saints offense shit the bed with a first place schedule last year?

Yeah, AJ might piss some people off, but as a Charger fan I would rather have nobody else. Maybe you're just bitter he came up on drafting Cromartie? The guy is a hardcore draftnik and wants every second to look at his board, just like everybody does in their fantasy draft, so what?

Anywhoo, keep up the good work fellas and enjoy counting down to football season!

Deshawn Zombie said...

Ah, you are of the QB's win or lose games camp. Sorry, they don't. Teams win and lose games. If a QB plays great, it was probably because at least 6-10 other guys did their jobs. If a QB was terrible, there is usually at least 2-3 other guys who had a hand in it.

Smith blew it when he let Brees get away without getting any compensation. Now, he's stuck with Rivers whose claim to fame is playing one gutty (albiet horrible) game at New England. I'm not buying him as a top 10 QB in the league, let alone an elite one.

Dave H said...

Agreed, it would have been better to trade Brees. But we did at least get a 3rd round compensation pick for losing him as a free agent, and if he IS that good, why would we have traded him in the middle of fighting for a playoff spot?

Anyways, I do realize that there are other players on the team, etc. But like I said, Rivers is 2-0 at Denver, and last time Brees was there he threw an ill-advised 4th quarter pick to Champ, sealing the win for Denver. And don't you remember like 3 years ago, when the Colts lost to Turner busting that big run in OT? Brees played AWFUL in that game.

And I don't know how you say Rivers played horrible in New England, most of those throws over the middle were on the money, and he was missing his two main red zone weapons in Gates and LT. There's other guys on the team, remember :)

Brees was nice for us when the Chargers really sucked, but AJ kind of handcuffed himself in the Revers/Brees thing. All in all turned out OK, hopefully this year the Bolts get over the hump. Plus Drew landed in a not too bad situation anyways. Maybe we'll see you guys in the AFC Championship game?

Deshawn Zombie said...

Rivers being 2-0 in Denver may say a lot more about Denver than Rivers