Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bone crushing 2008 schedule released

Here it is. Looks ridiculous as usual. I can count only five games I know with certainty we will win. There are a lot of jump balls on there. Of course if Marvin and Freeney are healthy you might be able to find 16 wins on there. Big if. The schedule generally looks much easier about a month into the season, but right now there aren't many gimmes on there.


Jacob Burch said...

for non-hoosiers:
3 NBC games (not including pre season), 1 ESPN game and one NFL network game--NFL network going all out to get an actual good game on their schedule, assuming nothing changes for flex schedule. 3 late afternoon games have a good shot at being shown in more markets

i already had crunched the formula on this, but knowing exactly when @SD is exciting for me as my brother and I will likely make the trip and hope its not as embarrassing as our last two outings against them.

Josh Brown said...

Check this ESPN link out.

Colts have the 2nd toughest schedule, while the Pats have the easiest.

Chad said...

Yeah the Pats have the easiest schedule on paper and the Colts have the second toughest. Unfortunately the opponents each team plays are set by the formula and there is no opportunity for adjustment. However that ensures that teams will visit one another regularly.

Every year there are surprise winners and losers. I think the Colts' schedule won't end up being as tough as it seems right now, and the Pats' schedule won't end up being as easy. Still, once again the Colts will be more impressive even if they have a lesser record.

Adam said...

Here's what you can count on: a good team will take advantage of an easy schedule and cruise into the playoffs with 10 wins, and get blasted the next year with a tough schedule and miss the playoffs because they were never really that good.

See Cleveland, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, and Washington. See Kansas City and Baltimore the year before.

Here's what you can count on: the Colts will win 12 games, and will be in the playoffs. That's all you need to know. It's the safest bet in sports.