Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why we skipped two highly rated defenders...

For those of you who wondered why the Colts passed on defenders Alan Branch and Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny, check out this article by SI's Don Banks

In short, it seems that Branch is lazy and Posluszny is slow. There are still tons of picks left for defense.

Demond Sanders comments: Polian is hilarious. I loved his comments in the Indianapolis Star about the first round drama. "From (pick number) 20 on in, we were engaged. From about 28 on, we were sweating. Anthony Gonzalez was the last name on the board,'' Polian said. "We got him and that's what counts.'' Right, Bill. No one else was going to take that dude. You were sweating? You could have been playing badminton in your war room and it would not have mattered. That said, all we have to do is watch the youtube clip below to get psyched up about next year.

To further confuse the issue, the Colts have RE-SIGNED AARON MOOREHEAD. Actually, this kind of makes sense because Moorehead himself has said he is not comfortable as a slot receiver. Last year the Colts were often forced to play Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark in the slot if they wanted to use a 3 WR set. Moorehead provides depth for Marvin and Reggie, but is probably not a long-term solution as a starter in the slot. This means the Aaron Moorehead show on ESPN950 is back on for another year! Actually he's a pretty insightful guy considering his limited playing time; and he seems like a good locker-room guy.

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