Sunday, April 29, 2007

Final draft analysis

None of the grades are out yet for the draft, and I'm going to predict here and now that the Colts get a lot of Cs. This is because people handing out draft grades are idiots. I think most fans of the Horse can feel good about the team after this weekend. In summary, the Colts took:

1 Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio St.) WR and 2 Tony Ugoh (Arkansas) OT (we covered them earlier)
3 Daymeion Hughes (California) CB Apparently a play maker who might be a step slow, but is a perfect cover 2 corner
3 Quinn Pitcock (Ohio St.) DT Fast first step, perfect for a defense where the tackles don't have gap control (like the Colts. The LBs have gap control, unless they are named Gilbert Gardner)
4 Brannon Condren (Troy St.) S Hard working over achiever
4 Clint Sessions (Pittsburgh) OLB Possible potential at SSLB
5 Roy Hall (Ohio St.) WR Big guy, 232 lbs. Projects as a possible TE or receiving H-back. He could be the replacement for Dom Rhodes
5 Michael Coe (Alabama St.) CB The Colts love to draft DBs (3 this draft) and here's one more with good size and skills who lacks great speed. Sounds like a cover 2 corner.
7 Keyunta Dawson (Texas Tech) DE Great size and speed. Can play inside or out in a rotation.

Basically, the Colts first 2 picks were depth and future oriented, while adding value right now. I think most fans would have liked to see the Colts take a LB, but they don't seem to realize that the Colts don't value LBs. They just take whoever they find, make them a star, and let someone else pay them big money in 5 seasons.

All in all, we have no idea if this is a good draft or not. We at trust Bill Polian completely. Realistically, they need to hit on at least 2 of the other picks and it will be considered a strong draft. Not all these guys will make it in the league, but that's normal. Don't forget the Colts will also be adding undrafted free agents. This is NOT A SMALL THING. Gary Bracket and Dom Rhodes were both UDFA. I'm pretty sure Terrance (Little T) Wilkins was too originally.

All in all, we grade this draft an A, because why not? Plus, it could be worse, we could have traded for Randy Moss.

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