Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bob Kravitz - a monkey with a typewriter? Hey, that's not fair to monkeys!

Bob Kravitz is once again late to the dance, and he's wearing a powder blue tux. This morning I awoke to see Indy Star resident chimp Bob Kravitz has been regurgitating into his IMac again and has produced another column that's for crap.

In it, Bob makes the same old lame argument that the Colts should have made more free agency moves and that they should be afraid because New England has 'reloaded'. Our analysis of this situation has been consistent and clear from the beginning:
Bob is an idiot.

That's been well established. Has anyone bothered to realize that for 16 games, the defense was horrible last year? They are losing players off of a BAD defense. Teams are paying those guys crazy money because they won rings given to them by Peyton, Marvin and the offense. KC Joyner of ESPN rated Jason David the WORST regular corner in the NFL just 2 years ago. The have been savaging Cato June for a long time now. These guys may have been nice, but they really weren't any good at what they did. Much like Kravitz. Can someone sign him away please??? We've been addressing it for months; go back and check out the previous posts (especially in MARCH, when most people were talking about this stuff). Polian is so much smarter than Kravitz, it's a wonder they are of the same species. Most of the Colts defenders are just a bunch of interchangeable parts. This D lives or dies on the defensive ends getting pressure, and the safeties supporting the run. Corners and Linebackers make for sexy free agents, but in this system they are a WASTE OF MONEY. The Colts D will live or die this year based on Freeney, Mathis, Bob Sanders and Bethea.

Kravitz wants to know who will be ready to fill Cato June's old role? What role was that? Getting steamrolled by running backs? Missing tackles? Running off the field celebrating while the Patriots recover a fumble in the end zone? I don't know Bob, but I'm guessing they can find someone. If these guys were good, they wouldn't have been among the last players taken in free agency. Teams waited, and waited, and waited before signing Colts defenders. The Colts practically begged to lose their guys because they know they'll get better compensatory picks in the draft next year.

And friends. . . the draft is where you win or lose championships. New England has forgotten this, and they will come to regret it.

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