Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Five Favorite Grandpa Ted Moments

In driving around town the last couple of days, I put on my audio copy of Super Bowl XLI. It happens to be the last game in which Ted Marchibroda served as color man. A quick listen to the tape reveals well as some of the most unintentionally funny moments in broadcast history.

1. Ted insists on referring to Bob Sanders as Robert throughout the entire broadcast.
2. Ted refers to great seasons by "so many players" including someone named "Alvin Betheeeah"
3. During Bob Lamey's monologues recapping the season, Ted spends the entire time mumbling incoherent assent with everything Bob said. No matter what Bob said, Ted would reply, "mmmhmmuh youahr righ".
4. In the broadcast of the AFC Championship game, Ted was so excited to pointout that Fletcher had a mismatch in his favor that he almost comes out of his shoes pointing it out after Peyton hit him with the huge pass down to the NE 38.
5. After a Ben Utech catch he inexplicably says, "He looked it right into his chest and dropped it. You can't just catch every one with your hands". One play later, Manning would through a TD to Reggie Wayne. Ted attributed it to a major mistake by the Colts secondary.

I'm not trying to pick on good old Ted. I just found it hilarious, that's all. He's a good man, and valued member of the Colts community...but it's a good thing he's not in the booth any more.


Bob M. said...

Classic Colt eligibility? I think he just edges out Frank Kush.

Deshawn Zombie said...

He's in the ring of honor.

He's not eligible.

shake'n'bake said...

No fine for Ryan Clark for the Welker hit. I'm a little surprised.

Bob M. said...

How 'bout Frank Kush, then? Okay, never mind.

RE Ryan Clark's non-fine, I am not too surprised. The more you look at it, the more obvious it was a shoulder to upper body hit, and the ball was almost there--just unfortunate timing and not malicious. Well, not *particularly* malicious. If the ball had arrived in the right place/time, it would have been a perfect--and not flagged--hit.

In other news, Welker was surprised today to hear the news... that he's a professional football player. Other things he recently found out were his name, his SSN, and his Super Bowl ring from the 2007 season is missing.

If I can find his email address, I might try to hit him up to help my Nigerian uncle get $30M out of the country.... he's probably an easy mark for that scam right about now.