Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I can't stop watching this


funtime42 said...

That is some serious pain - I wonder what the fine will be?

And your poll is missing an option: they're trying to give me a heart attack

Joel said...

I knew exactly what that clip was going to be when I saw the title of your post in my blog reader before I even saw the video.

And that was a garbage penalty. "Defenseless receiver"? What the crap. It wasn't helmet to helmet, and the ball was tipped. Clean play.

shake'n'bake said...

Who f*cking sucks now Wes?

If only Hayden had been the one to make the hit.

It was late though. Welker is pulling up and Clark just drills him.

Demond Sanders said...

I hated Welker before I even knew about the Kelvin Hayden thing. He just looks like an ass.

You know the other players must order him around. "Wesley, go make me a sandwich."

Josh K said...

Wait, what's the Hayden thing?

Bob M. said...

ditto about Hayden.
Help out the clueless, please.

I could see the "defenseless" case, but no was a helmet involved in the hit, except the one that kept Welker's brains from splattering the field.

Reminds me of 95's kickoff hit last year, except in that case the slammee actualy had the ball.

Bob M. said...

Best part of that clip might Polamalu crossing himself after the hit. Maybe he does it after every play... maybe he was concerned that Welker's career was over.

Demond Sanders said...

Shake was referring to the 2007 regular season when Welker made a big catch in the 4th quarter. He told Hayden, "You ----ing suck."

Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah, well at least after that hit he probably doesn't remember that anymore.

Or his social security number.

Or his name.

Anonymous said...

In non-Welker got KTFO'd news, Rashen Mathis is done for the year.

Looks like we might get a break in that Thursday game without Mathis being given cart blanche by the refs to just maul Marvin at will.

How much tarp do you think will be at the stadium?

Demond Sanders said...

Oh, how I wish was in the Northeastern Florida tarpaulin industry.

But yeah that injury is significant for our chances to win out.

Anonymous said...

I like our chances regardless, simply because history says the Colts bounce back from losing to the Jags and beat them the second time around.

Jack Del Rio is probably the worst coach in the NFL. Sure, you could point out all the other disasters in the NFL, but Jacksonville is SUPPOSED to be a winner. And he's SUPPOSEDLY a good coach, want to take a mulligan on that BSPN, but constantly just flat out fucks things up.

The monday night game last year where he ran a reverse to MJD on fourth and fucking ONE and turned it over on downs. Though I'll have to contain my vomit for next years flowery praise from the sports media how, despite it being only one game, the Jags have never lost at Lucas Oil Stadium, and dat's why dey'll win dis tiem!!!!

Though Romeo Crennel's Flash Formation on 3rd and 2 is close to that blunder, as you have the run follow to fake... against a team that FLIES to the frickin' ball? Are you shittin' me kid?

Over under on riots in the Jaghole after the SEC championship game?

5goldenrings.net said...

Looks like you have to stop watching it now that it's ben removed...presumably by the NFL. But nonetheless, it was very enjoyable.